Badania konserwatorskie malowideł ściennych w kościele parafialnym pw. św. Szymona i św. Judy Tadeusza w Kosieczynie

Elżbieta Basiul



Conservation research of stratifi cation of plasters and polychromes occurring on inner walls of the parish church St. Simon and St. Jude Thaddeus in Kosieczyn revealed the presence of the oldest painted decoration applied directly on the wooden support. Using the strip-sampling method and thorough examination of samples of later deposits as well as non-destructive analytical techniques a detailed identifi cation of materials making the subsequent chronological strata has been performed. The reconstruction of the chronology of the decoration of the church was the next stage of research, preceded by (among others) the analysis of construction and dendrochronological analysis. The original paintings, occurring beneath the layer of clay coat, have been preserved in small number, mainly on south wall of the presbytery. The discovered decoration consists on vertical stripes with fl oral motifs. The pigments identifi ed in this paint layer as well as the binder of dairy milk (casein) do not allow for explicit dating of the decoration. Technique of the making of the oldest decoration of the interior of the parish church in Kosieczyn was typical for middle ages, but was used also in later periods. 

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