Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series https://apcz.umk.pl/BOGPGS Głównym celem czasopisma <em>Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series </em>powołanego do życia w 2009 roku jest prezentacja najważniejszych wyników badań z zakresu geografii fizycznej i nauk pokrewnych. Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu pl-PL Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series 2080-7686 Application of geospatial technologies in constructing a flash flood warning model in northern mountainous regions of Vietnam: a case study at TrinhTuong commune, Bat Xat district, LaoCai province https://apcz.umk.pl/BOGPGS/article/view/34939 <p>The model was constructed based on GIS spatial analyses, combined with Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Multi-Criterion Analysis method (MCA). The data gathered for the study were mainly from remote-sensing images, statistical data and surveys. Field experiments were conducted in Trinh Tuong Commune, Bat Xat District, Lao Cai province. This is a typical remote mountainous region of Vietnam in which flash floods often occur. The study analyzes and evaluates six primary factors that incite flash flood, namely: geomorphological characteristics, soil properties, forest and fractional vegetation cover types, local drainage basin slopes, maximum average rainfall of various years, and the river/stream density of the region. The zoning map showing flash flood potentials has determined that 19.91% of the area had an extremely high risk of flash flood occurrence, 64.92% of the area had a medium risk, and 15.17% had a low or very low risk. Based on the employment of daily maximum rainfalls as the primary factor, an online flash flood warning model was constructed for areas with a “high” or “very high” risk of flash flood occurrence.</p><p> </p> Quoc Lap Kieu Duc Van Tran Prawa autorskie (c) 2021 Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series 2021-08-06 2021-08-06 20 31 43 10.2478/34939 Ice phenomena in investigations of Polish lakes https://apcz.umk.pl/BOGPGS/article/view/34938 <p>The paper presents nearly 150 years of history of ice research conducted on Polish lakes. In the first stage, these were observations and expedition studies that had an exploratory purpose. It was not until the 1920s that stationary measurements on several lakes were introduced. Unfortunately, the outbreak of World War II interrupted these observations. After the war, they were resumed in 1946, but the real beginning of investigations of ice phenomena on lakes is taken to be 1960. At present, stationary measurements of ice phenomena are conducted on about 70 lakes located mainly in northern Poland. Besides the purely explorative purpose, experimental research on ice phenomena on lakes has also contributed to the development of a measurement methodology. The author of this paper took part in numerous experimental studies conducted on over 30 lakes for which the ice results are partially presented below.</p> Rajmund Skowron Prawa autorskie (c) 2021 Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series 2021-08-06 2021-08-06 20 15 29 10.2478/34938 The influence of benzene air pollution on leukemia incidence and mortality rates https://apcz.umk.pl/BOGPGS/article/view/34937 <span lang="EN-GB">The following study identifies areas where adverse conditions related to benzene pollution are concurrent with leukaemia incidence and mortality (C91-C95). Moreover, it determines the similarities between benzene and leukaemia levels, as well and rules defining their co-occurrence. The analysis covered the period of 2015-2017. Data was obtained from Dane.gov.pl (number of leukaemia cases), Polish National Cancer Registry website (number of deaths), Local Data Bank of the Central Statistical Office (population data) and from Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection and found via the Air Quality Portal (data on air quality). Based on the carried out analysis, it was concluded that areas with an unfavourable epidemic situation related to leukaemia are the following poviat towns: Kielce (incidence), Rzeszów (incidence), Elbląg (mortality), while high leukaemia incidence and mortality co-occur with high average benzene concentration in 2015 -2017 in the following poviat towns: Kielce, Rybnik, Płock and Rzeszów. It was found that leukaemias belonging to the following three-character ICD-10 categories: C94, C95 and C92, show the highest rate of co-occurrence with benzene concentration. In addition, two main rules for the co-occurrence of benzene pollution and leukaemia were identified. It was also noted that it is necessary to continue the research over a longer-period of time, especially in the following poviat towns: Kielce and Rzeszów.</span> Agnieszka Pilarska Aleksandra Pospieszyńska Prawa autorskie (c) 2021 Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series 2021-08-06 2021-08-06 20 5 13 10.2478/34937 Meghna riverbank erosion on lives and livelihoods of rural people: impacts and coping strategies https://apcz.umk.pl/BOGPGS/article/view/34941 <span>Riverbank erosion is one of the most hazardous disasters of Bangladesh. It has both direct and negative impact on people and their livelihoods. This study aims to explore the impact of Meghna riverbank erosion and the coping strategies taken by the affected people to fight against this calamity considering four unions under Matlab Uttar of Chadpur District. The findings reveal that the occupational status, income and expenditure of the affected people have changed due to bank erosion. 91% of the respondents’ houses were fully damaged and 48% of them are living in shelter house. The results also show that a large portion of affected populace lost their assets and suffering from psychological distress. Around 87% people borrowed money to cope with this hazard and strict law against sand dredging is recommended as one of the effective strategies to prevent Meghna river bank erosion.</span> Halima . Amima Najnin Maria Prawa autorskie (c) 2021 Bulletin of Geography. Physical Geography Series 2021-08-06 2021-08-06 20 45 56 10.2478/34941