Ku filozofii przyjaźni. W dialogu z Platonem, Arystotelesem i św. Teresą od Jezusa

Albert Stanisław Wach

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12775/IS.2016.006


The entire text is divided into four chapters, two of which are published in the present issue of Itinera Spiritualia. In Chapter One, historical in its character, all participants of the debate on friendship voice their opinion: firstly, we pose the problem of the condition of friendship in the contemporary culture; secondly, Plato and Aristotle shed light on our problem from the point of view of Greek antiquity and their own philosophies; finally, St Teresa, creating a link between our times and Greek antiquity, provides original and significant input into the understanding of friendship. In Chapter Two, of metaphysical character, only two participants of the friendship debate speak: Plato and St. Teresa. Plato the Philosopher employs a strictly speculative method, but he does not lack mystical experience; Teresa the Mystic shares her personal friendship stories, but not without a substantial and rational metaphysical basis.

Słowa kluczowe

filozofia przyjaźni; Platon; Arystoteles; św. Teresa; eros; idea przyjaźni; doświadczenie mistyczne

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