With a view to ensuring scientific reliability the editorial board of CJF&A makes efforts to publish works that meet ethical norms applied in science. In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education any cases of unreliability and dishonesty (e.g., ‘ghostwriting’ and ‘guest authorship’) identified by the editorial board will be documented and exposed by informing appropriate bodies (institutions employing authors).

Explanations of the terms ‘ghostwriting’ and ‘guest authorship’ as defined by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (source:

‘Ghostwriting’ is qualified cases in which someone has made a substantial contribution to publication, without revealing his participation as one of the authors, or without being mentioned in the acknowledgments included in the publication.

‘Guest authorship’ (‘honorary authorship’) happens when someone did not contribute at all or hardly contributed to the creation of a publicationÍž however, despite that fact his/her name is provided as an author/co-author of the publication.

In order to prevent such unfair practices each submitted article with more than one author should be accompanied by a declaration filled in and signed by the authors. The declaration is intended to eliminate cases of ‘ghostwriting’ and ‘guest authorship’ (the declaration is part of the submission form).

In the case of a submitted article which during its preparatory phase was supported financially by an external institution, the author is obliged to insert information about such a fact in the Introduction of the article.

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